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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Running Wild...





When I saw this top at H&M a couple of weeks ago, I was intrigued... I don't know why, but it just spoke to me for some reason-- has that ever happened to you? You know, when you see something you wouldn't normally gravitate towards, yet for some reason you just can't help but want it? Well that's was happened to me that fateful day...

The logical part of my brain protested the, well, practicality of such a shirt-- honestly, how often will I wear a slouchy, "running wild" emblazoned tie-up top? So after a few minutes of silent debate, that nagging little voice got its way and I left H&M sans shirt. But after a week of thinking about it and all the different ways it could be worn, I finally caved and bought it! I still don't know how practical it is, but hey, does that really even matter? I choose to think not...

Outfit details: top- H&M; dress- Baila (Winners); booties- Forever 21; necklace- gifted


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