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Friday, 22 February 2013

{Style} Coral Crush...

 photo IMG_1093_zpsafffdf12.jpg  photo IMG_1126_zps4386f190.jpg  photo IMG_1157_zps0876dd1b.jpg  photo IMG_1188_zps9d6309f8.jpg

I've been super uninspired by my wardrobe lately, especially when it comes to marrying my desire for vibrant spring colours and prints with the fact that I still have a couple months of weather-related despair in my future... Le sigh. I tried perking myself up by concocting a medley of florals and polka dots — heck, I even threw in a pop of coral for good measure — but no dice. Looks like only time, or some unseasonal heat wave, can cure what ails me.

In other news, I'm going to be embarking on Kiehls' 10 day Midnight Recovery Concentrate challenge, so I'll be sharing any changes to my skin over the next 10 days on Twitter and Facebook... Follow along and join the conversation — I'd love to hear your thoughts if you've used the product!

Happy weekending, friendlies! xx

Outfit details: coral blazer- Forever 21; floral jeans- Joe Fresh; denim shirt- Forever 21; cap toe pumps- Zara; polka dot clutch- Red Velvet; watch- Michael Kors; necklace- Zara

Thursday, 21 February 2013

{Remix} 1 Blazer, 4 ways...

 photo blazs_zpsae559caf.jpg  photo safdq_zpsf56edf9c.jpg

This blazer has been in pretty steady rotation ever since it came to live at Casa de Crazy-Clothes Lady (that's me!), so I thought it might be fun to show you a few of the ways I've styled it in the past. From preppy layers and polka dots, to girlie dresses and prints-galore, there's no shortage of remixing possibilities and I intend to try them all... Challenge accepted.

My favourite way to wear this blazer so far has been over lightweight dresses, particularly the white feather dress pictured above. The light colours and contrasting textures work really well together, giving the illusion of a fresh, spring-ready look that still keeps you relatively warm (say what!). In fact, I liked this look from last May so much that I recreated it with a similar blazer here.... Hey, a girl's got to milk these things, OK?

Happy Thursday, friends! xx

Check out each post (clockwise from top left) for outfit details: 1, 2, 3, 4

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

{Style} The Legend of Ron Burgundy...

 photo IMG_0560_zps8b1de79e.jpg  photo IMG_0588_zps8d50163a.jpg  photo IMG_0580_zps91314f2e.jpg  photo IMG_0598_zps18665cd5.jpg  photo IMG_0563-1_zps6a524a0b.jpg

Alright, you've got me — this post has nothing to do with Anchorman. Regardless, I just couldn't resist the title. Ron or no Ron, burgundy is pretty legendary, no? It's one of my go-to shades of the season, and, well, let's just say that it plays nicely with other neutrals... What a colour. I would go so far as to say that I love it almost as much as I love — to quote one of the brightest minds of cinematic history — lamp. xx

Outfit details: coat- Forever 21; dress- Darling; blouse- Topshop; tights- Joe Fresh; booties- Aldo; beanie- Zara; necklace- Forever 21; ring- House of Harlow; clutch- vintage YSL

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

{Style} Denim Nation...

 photo IMG_0510_zps21fd3ea7.jpg  photo denim_zps3463eeed.jpg  photo IMG_0517_zps983c3fe7.jpg

You can't really tell from these pictures, but shortly before these photos were taken I maimed myself making breakfast. It was like a tsunami-sized wave of scalding oil coming right at my unsuspecting hand... Not fun. But after Mr. AiF took me off pancake duty and kissed it better, I felt good as new. And speaking of new, how cute is this H&M clutch? It was a Valentine's day surprise from my mister, and I couldn't love it (or him!) more... Happy Tuesday, friends! xx

Outfit details: denim shirt- Urban Outfitters; faux leather short- H&M; booties- Shoe Mint; polka dot tights- Forever 21; clutch- H&M; sunnies- Karen Walker; watch- Michael Kors; bracelet & necklace borrowed from Kastles; burn c/o pancakes

Monday, 18 February 2013

{Style} Flower Pop...

 photo deets_zps744416da.jpg  photo IMG_0396_zpse9fa99bc.jpg  photo IMG_0432_zps51a55ac4.jpg

Outfit details: blouse- Forever 21; blazer & floral leggings- Zara; clutch- BCBG; pumps- ShoeMint; necklace- Urban Outfitters; bracelet- House of Harlow; watch & ring- Michael Kors

Friday, 15 February 2013

{Valentine's Week} The Pants...

 photo IMG_9360copy_zps5c81b8b7.jpg  photo finalsdf_zps2a9ba8d5.jpg  photo redpantscopy_zps207779ff.jpg  photo dsfdf_zps92af2461.jpg  photo IMG_9386copy_zps8f8f5718.jpg

As I write this, I'm slowly coming down from a sugar-induced Valentine's day high (you don't even want to know how many macarons I've had today!), where lethargy and writers block are apparently the main side effects. Mr. AiF surprised me with some special treats, bubbly and a homecooked meal, and now I'm crashing... hard. So with that said, it's time to wrap this thing up, people!

Thanks for baring with me through all this (V-Day isn't for the faint of heart, after all), and I hope you guys have enjoyed reading these silly little posts as much as I have had creating them... Until next time, love bugs! xx

Outfit details: faux leather detail peplum top- Urban Outfitters; red jeans- Joe Fresh; studded leather jacket- Zara; booties- Aldo; quilted clutch- Michael Kors; necklace- Urban Outfitters; bracelet- vintage Whiting & Davis; Bulova watch c/o WatchCo

Thursday, 14 February 2013

{Valentine's Week} The Date...

 photo IMG_9921copy_zps56eabaaa.jpg  photo lobs_zpsb9d4fd8d.jpg  photo IMG_9800copy_zpsa090d73e.jpg  photo IMG_9943copy_zpse3dcb8e6.jpg  photo IMG_9946copycopy_zps9f712276.jpg  photo IMG_9893-1_zpsc4c79ba3.jpg

My mister and I are diurnal creatures, so the majority of our jaunts happen during daylight hours... Dates included. It just so happens that our favourite activities are better suited to daytime, like leisurely strolls, brunching (our fave!), vintage shopping and coffee-drinking galore (trust me, late night caffeine and I do not mix). Kassie and her adorable hubby snapped some pics of us during a double date last weekend, and despite the piggy backing and Dungeons & Dragons, these photos pretty much capture a typical lobbie day-date... Photos (much to the dismay of Mr. AiF) and all.

In other news, I want to thank Hayden Reis for sending me this adorable striped tote, which is quickly becoming my new favourite work/gallivanting bag. It just has so many pockets and handy snaps that I've found myself lugging it around on the daily, which is always good because my current tote has seen better days... And speaking of better days, I recently replaced my four-year-old coat with this snazzy — albeit nautical — Zara coat. Gotta love end of season sales, am I right?

Happy Valentine's Day, friends — Hope everyone has a fun, sugar-filled day! xx

Outfit details: coat- Zara; beanie- Old Navy; dress- Zara; rain boots- Michael Kors; polka dot tights- Joe Fresh; striped tote c/o Hayden Reis

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

{Valentine's Week} Two-Tone Lipstick...

 photo lipstick_zps1f7695e4.jpg  photo IMG_0093_zpsfb34df84.jpg  photo IMG_0013_zps9dbc78bd.jpg  photo IMG_0124_zpsed36e89c.jpg  photo IMG_0078_zps514c963f.jpg

When I first saw the makeup from Holly Fulton's S/S 13 show, I instantly became obsessed with two-toned lips and filed the idea away in my mind for this very occasion... And by occasion, I of course mean Valentine's Day (don't hate). Seriously though, when else is it permissible to walk around sporting pink and red lipstick in the light of day if not V-Day? Please don't say never...

Happy Wednesday, friends! xx

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

{Valentine's Week} DIY Glitter Heart Pins & Shoe Clips...

 photo IMG_9786_zps327e2759.jpg  photo IMG_9649copy_zps084eb37b.jpg  photo IMG_9604copy_zps90b385de.jpg  photo IMG_9761copy_zpsf30deeec.jpg  photo IMG_9591_zpsed1a4697.jpg  photo IMG_9866copy_zps08e3b1fc.jpg  photo IMG_9699_zps9e85aaab.jpg  photo deets_zpsa12d60c9.jpg

Valentine's day is nothing without a little glitter and a whole lot of hearts, so when Kassie and I found ourselves having an impromptu glitter heart pin and shoe clip DIY session last weekend, it felt completely natural to us. I mean, why wouldn't you sit around gluing sparkly bits to the girliest of girlie motifs with your bestie? Exactly.

Want to make some festive hair pins, brooches and shoe clips of your own? Check out my shrinky dinks DIY for a how-to guide when making your heart base, as well as this glitter watch DIY for Mod Podge instructions. Then simply super glue a pin or clip to the back of your heart (avoiding contact with your skin, unlike Kassie!) and you're ready to rock... Happy Valentine's week, friends! xx

On me: feather dress- Forever 21; striped blazer- H&M; necklace- Ily Couture; pumps & tights- Joe Fresh // On Kassie: top- Anthropologie; skirt- Jason Wu for Target; coat- Old Navy; pumps- vintage; necklaces- Joe Fresh

Monday, 11 February 2013

{Valentine's Week} Pink + Red...

 photo IMG_9752_zps29065dac.jpg  photo IMG_9740_zpscb56c1f7.jpg  photo redpink_zps8be5be22.jpg  photo IMG_9733_zps01baacc8.jpg  photo IMG_9726_zps83b75203.jpg

You guys know I'm a sucker for girlie, over-the-top proclamations of love and the like (ummm, hello!), so naturally a theme week was in order... First up, the colour scheme. Nothing says Valentine's day quite like a little pink-and-red action, so to honour that I went waaaay overboard with both. Typical. To bring this point home, let me tell you a little story: When I described this outfit to my friend Ashley yesterday, she lifted her hand, drew a deep breath and matter-of-factly said "no" before I could get past the varsity jacket. She was probably right but what can I say, I'm a sucker for a little festive colour blocking... Bring it on, Valentine's! xx

Outfit details: varsity jacket- Forever 21; blouse- Topshop; dress- Forever 21; necklace- Urban Outfitters; navajo sequin clutch- Topshop; pumps- ShoeMint; bracelet- House of Harlow; watch- Michael Kors

Friday, 8 February 2013

{Details} Weekend Essentials...

 photo IMG_9431_zps2b887d73.jpg  photo IMG_9424_zps75dbe1e3.jpg  photo IMG_9455-1_zps05c87ee4.jpg

If you ask me, weekend wear should exclusively consist of oversized denim shirts piled with heaps of accessories. Simple, relaxed separates paired with a statement necklace and a great watch are all I need to get through the weekend — Well, that, and maybe a little Netfix-filled cuddle session... Wink wink.

So tell me friends, what are YOUR weekending essentials? Happy Friday! xx

Outfit details: denim shirt- Urban Outfitters; necklace- Forever 21; Bulova watch (on sale) c/o WatchCo; bracelets- vintage & Joe Fresh

Thursday, 7 February 2013

{Style} Shades of Purple...

 photo IMG_9124_zps5aed52bd.jpg  photo IMG_9154_zps9258bc9b.jpg  photo IMG_9139_zps08555a4f.jpg  photo IMG_9165_zps1a89971f.jpg  photo IMG_9174_zps4ae1c223.jpg

Outfit details: blazer- Zara; silk top- Forever 21; lilac jeans- Joe Fresh; beanie- Zara; spike heels- ShoeMint; necklaces- Forever 21 & gifted; bracelets- Joe Fresh & Blue Vanilla

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