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Monday, 30 April 2012


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I found this dress at Forever 21 Saturday morning, and decided that it would be perfect for my and Kassie's latest photo adventure... Gotta love impulse shopping, am I right? Anyway, we drove around looking for something interesting to pose in front of before we could go grab food and hit up Michael's (look out of a DIY later this week!), and this is what we came up with — a blue wall in a residential back alley... Super glamourous. SO glamourous in fact, that I stepped in something disgustingly oozy and unidentifiable during the shoot... Let's just say it wasn't my finest moment.

What did you guys get up to this weekend? Fill me in! xx

Outfit details: dress & blazer- Forever 21; necklaces- Forever 21 & borrowed from Kastles; bracelets- House of Harlow & H&M; watch & ring- Michael Kors

Friday, 27 April 2012

Remix: 1 Blazer, 4 Ways...


I am nothing if not an avid remixer, and if you don't believe me, just look at how many times I blogged this striped H&M blazer in the span of a couple months... And don't even ask how many times I wore it off the blog— it's embarrassing! I guess we all have our favourites, don't we? ;)


Happy weekending, my friends! xx

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Fleeting Moments...

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Just when I thought summer was on it's way, the weather had to go and throw me a curveball... I had gotten used to leaving my coat at home and everything! Curses... Well at least I have these fair-weathered reminders of what's to come, right? Right. So load me up with linens, pastels and boater hats galore, because I'm counting down to when I can finally wear them again! xx

Outfit details: sequin tank- Forever 21; denim jacket- Costa Blanca; linen shorts- Forever 21; bag- vintage Liz Claiborne; patent oxfords- Urban Outfitters; straw boater hat- Forever 21; necklace- House of Harlow; watch- Michael Kors; bracelet- vintage

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday

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There's nothing quite like a straw hat on a warm summer's day... Or in my case, a sunny day with minimal wind. Hey, I live in Edmonton — I'll take what I can get. Anyway, I got this cute little boater hat from Forever 21 about a month ago, and waited not-so-patiently for the right moment to wear it... Definitely worth the wait.

Happy Wednesday, friendlies! xx

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


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Outfit details: blazer- Zara; t-shirt- James Perse; distressed jeans- Gap; pumps- Zara; bag- borrowed from Kastles; necklace- Forever 21

Monday, 23 April 2012

Feels Like Summer...

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After what felt like an eternity of winter, things are finally turning around... That's right my friends, this past weekend was so deliciously warm that there was nothing but open-toed shoes and bare arms everywhere you turned. Kastles and I had a particularly lovely girl-date that including coffee, a trip to Value Village and frozen yogurt, all in our delightfully summerized apparel... Now let's just hope it lasts.

Happy Monday, everyone! xx

Outfit details: polka dot blouse- Forever 21 (similar here); mint jeans- Zara (similar here); clutch- vintage; pumps- Zara; necklace- Forever 21; watch- Michael Kors; ring- gifted

Friday, 20 April 2012

Street Chic...

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Outfit details: sweater- Talulah (Aritzia); skirt- Forever 21; faux leather jacket- Sirens; hat- H&M; bag- Michael Kors; loafers- Forever 21; necklaces- Pyrrha & Moon Raven Designs; watch- Michael Kors; ring- YSL

Thursday, 19 April 2012

When AiF Met Lulus.com...

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You know when you see a print, and it's like animal magnetism or something — you know, that feeling of just having to have it? Well that's what happened when I saw this dress on Lulus.com. I'm a navajo-print nut, and the colour scheme of this dress just made my heart go pitter-patter (yes, clothing does has that effect on me!). Well luckily for me, the good people at LuLu's were nice enough to send it my way, along with another adorable dress that I can't wait to show you... Let's just say it may or may not involve polka dots ;)

A big thank you to Lulus.com for this amazing dress, and if you should feel the online-shopping itch, use the promo code "ADVENTURES" (it's case sensitive, so be sure to use all caps!) at checkout to score 15% off your purchase... Not too shabby, huh?*

Thanks for reading, lovelies! xx

Outfit details: dress c/o LuLus.com; vest- Forever 21; leggings- Talulah (Aritzia); booties- Michael Kors; necklace- Forever 21; watch- Michael Kors; ring- YSL

*Offer valid to customers in the US and Canada only. Valid until April 21, 2012.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday...


I don't know if you guys remember, but when I moved back to Edmonton last summer I somehow lost a box filled with all my favourite jewelry... So after tearing apart my house (and getting my mom to do the same in Victoria), I finally came to terms with the fact that it was gone... Forever.

Heartbroken, I tried to move on by treating myself to some new baubles, but the memory of my three favourite necklaces haunted me... Until one fateful day when I was looking for some shoes to wear, and unsuspectingly opened a box to find — joy of joys — my long lost jewelry! Eeeek! Needless to say, screaming ensued and I've been wearing my old favourites ever since... Things just have a funny way of working out, huh?

Happy Wednesday, lovelies! xx

Image details: Pyrrha crest necklace (top); Moon Raven Designs raven skull necklace; Moon Raven Designs talon necklace (bottom)

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Long Live Mullet Clothing...


So you know how I told you that I'm coo coo for mullet-inspired clothing this season? Well I wasn't kidding... In fact, I'm loving asymmetrical hemlines so much that I wrote a little article about it for the Edmonton Journal in last weekend's Style section... Check it out! xx

Image details: skirt- Forever 21; blouse- Joe Fresh (borrowed from Kastles); crossbody bag- Michael Kors; pumps- Zara

Monday, 16 April 2012

Anchors Aweigh!

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I've always had a thing for nautical motifs, so when the nice people at eShakti offered to send me a piece from their spring line, I just couldn't resist this dress... The colourful chains and anchors really spoke to me, and the print was unlike anything I had seen before. So in the spirit of trying new things, I paired the dress with a belt and a striped blazer to add some contrast and, well, more nautical charm... Because really, what are stripes if not nautical — am I right?

A big thank you to eShakti for sending me this dress, and thanks to you guys for reading! xx

Outfit details: dress c/o eShakti; blazer- H&M; belt- Diesel; shoes- Tahari; necklace- Forever 21; bracelet- H&M; watch- Michael Kors

Friday, 13 April 2012

Minty Fresh...

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I have two words for you, my friends: Mint. Jeans. Have two more glorious words ever been spoken? Doubtful... I've been crushing on them for ages now, with my Pinterest account only fueling the light green fire in my heart. Now that my hunger for mint jeans has been satiated, however, my mind has become consumed with other candy-coloured pant possibilities... If I get my way, expect to see yellow, coral and red jeans in the months to come! Just don't tell Mr. AiF — He thinks I have a shopping problem... shhhhh

Outfit details: sweater- Urban Outfitters; mint jeans- Zara (similar here and here); scarf- Wilfred (similar here); clutch- vintage YSL; pumps- Zara; rose gold watch- Michael Kors; bracelet- H&M; ring- Forever 21

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Polka Dot Com...

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Can you tell that I like polka dots? Well in case you weren't sure, I opted for a double whammy today... That's right my friends, there's a polka dot dress AND shoes up in here! And since all that craziness is going on, I figured hey, why not throw in a little zebra print tights action for good measure? Booo yeah!

Happy Thursday! xx

Outfit details: dress & denim shirt- Forever 21; blazer- Zara; tights- Hue; bag- Michael Kors; flats- Forever 21

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