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Friday, 16 September 2011

Falling For Fuchsia...





There's nothing like a vibrant colour to elevate an otherwise dull ensemble to new heights... At least that's what I would like to think is going on here. I had been wearing this cotton H&M dress around the house all day, feeling uber gross-n-grubby, when Mr. AIF suggested we take advantage of the "golden hour" and snap some photos... I grumbled in agreement, threw a blazer over what had quickly become my house dress (think house coat), and slicked my ratty, I've-been-home-all-day-and-couldn't-bother hair. This, my friends, is the end result... Aren't I a sight for sore eyes? In case you weren't sure, that was a giant hashtag sarcasm.

What are your get-ready-in-a-flash tricks? Dish! xx

Outfit details: blazer- Zara; dress- H&M; belt- Moschino Junior; clutch- vintage Stuart Weitzman; wedges- Spring; necklace- Forever 21; ring- H&M


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