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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday...


To spend or not to spend, that is the question... And from where I'm sitting, often times there's no need. Although the allure of the designer brand can be palpable, there are countless inexpensive solutions to most lust-worthy items. Now don't get me wrong, there's no substitution for a Chanel 2.55 bag — or whichever designer good happens to ranks high on your personal fashion hierarchy (but seriously, what tops Chanel?) — but why spend when you don't have to? Take this beach bag example... The J.Crew version looks quite similar to the Michael Kors bag, but financially speaking, one could not be more different from the other... So in the words of John Quinones, "What would you do?" Shell out the big bucks for this seasonal item, or opt for something a little easier on the old wallet? I think this one might be a no-brainer.

Happy Wednesday, lovelies! xx

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