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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday...


This week I decided to shake things up and do something a little different for Wardrobe Wednesday... Now I love a good 'what's in my bag' post as much as the next girl, so I figured why not just give you a peek into my Red Velvet clutch? So without further ado, here's what's hiding in my little clutch!

1. Michael Kors wallet
2. My trusty iPhone
3. Covergirl's "Hot Passion" lipstick (my fave!)
4. Covergirl's "Spellbound" lipstick
5. Joe Fresh lip gloss in "Lychee"
6. My Hello Kitty bang comb compact
7. Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer
8. Bath and Body Works Rio hand cream
9. Juicy Fruit Desserts gum (so good!)
10. Michael Kors "Cheshire" sunglasses

And that's it! There, now there are no secrets between us... Happy Wednesday, my loves! xx

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